Mobin Petrochemical Company (MPC) Is one of the hugest centralized utilities in the world. This modern and huge industrial plant located in first phase of especial economic area in south pars. It has five parts and it built in 88 hectares. The duties of the units are: produce and distribution of electrical power and steam power, produce and distribution of Oxygen, Nitrogen, Service air, instrument air, produce and distributing fresh water, unsalted water, service water, cooling water and fire fighting water. Take and treatment of industrial waste water of petrochemical plant in the area. Burning liquid and solid waste incinerators, taking gas reducing the pressure and distribute them between other petrochemical companies.
The main aim of running this complex is reducing cost of investing and producing, reducing of total cost of producing in the area.
MPC is the biggest centralized utility in Islamic Republic of Iran. It is one of the best experiences around the world which is accepted on 1379 SC in the National Petrochemical Company (NPC) under license of Technip Company from France.

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